New Orleans, LA

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I grow approximately 1,000 named daylilies and a few thousand of my own seedlings. My collection includes a wide variety of forms, including spiders, unusual forms, and doubles. My current hybridizing focus is double and white daylilies. I have been an AHS Display Garden for several years.

Order info

Minimum order is $20.00. The list price is for a double fan. A double fan can sometimes share one root system and dormant plants can be small here.

Please email me to check availability. Sometimes, I may be able to sell a daylily that is listed as “display"(list will not show price).

I accept checks or Paypal payment.

Shipping Info

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I ship Priority Mail (USPS) the same day I dig, Monday or Tuesday, to ensure delivery before the weekend. Shipping is $13.00 for up to 3 plants, plus $1.00 for each additional plant.

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