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May 25, 24
Jan 28, 21
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We LOVE daylilies and our collection reflects our enduring affinity. The Hemerocallis madness started years ago with the cultivar Ruby Spider and spread like a house fire! Our dip and tet breeding programs are works in progress. Our listings are updated for 2024 but we periodically add cultivars as their growth allows. Daylilies are marked as "display" when sold out or held for increase. East Tennessee is an ideal place to grow a wide range of Hemerocallis, from many southern-bred beauties to northern-bred dormants. Dayliliy rust does not overwinter here in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, where temps can dip to below zero, and we are enjoying another rust-free year. We send double fans or better unless otherwise specified, with extra fans as your bonus. We ship in spring and fall, and are currently taking orders for fall 2024 shipping. We ship via USPS to the lower 48 states in the USA, and offer pickup for local orders. S&H is $15 for the first plant, and $2 per plant thereafter. Minimum order: $40. To check availability, find answers to questions and arrange payment, please email Justine at [email protected] or call/text 865-805-4459. Happy Hemming! All images protected by copyright


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A Small Multitude image

A Small Multitude


A very dainty, spatulate cultivar and an important breeder. Can relinquish its color within a single generation, earning fame for Mike Huben in his quest for small, reblooming, northern-hardy white...

A Verdant Desire image

A Verdant Desire


Green-throated, diamond-dusted lemon yellow blooms with pale edge are arrayed on strong, tall scapes. Exhibits the trifecta of triumph: is well-branched, bud-builds, and instantly reblooms! Gorgeou...

Accentuate the Green image

Accentuate the Green


Mike Huben's creation is highly sought-after for good reason! It's a diamond-dusted little beauty that is hardy and very fertile. Amazing increase! It reliably reblooms in our region, on taller scapes.

Action Figure image

Action Figure


Blooms have sculpted throats and stately petal presentation on well-branched scapes, all from a hardy dormant plant.

Adavier image



Steve Williams created this special, dormant beauty. Here, the airy Adavier reblooms lightly with well-branched, taller scapes.

Adorable Tiger image

Adorable Tiger


We are fond of this little dormant tet. It's well-named- who doesn't like tigers? With fierce coloration, it puts on a snappy show and does a great job reblooming. Looks incredible with purples lik...

Aerial Appliqué image

Aerial Appliqué


A crisp, lemony applique contrasts beautifully with the dreamy, veined orchid base color on this arresting rebloomer. It has done well through some tough winters here.

Age of Aquarius image

Age of Aquarius


Age of Aquarius is a favorite in our garden. Right-sized, lightly textured blooms in a shade that varies between orchid pink and lavender, held on strong, nicely branched scapes. Plant is northern-...

Aileen's Rainbow image

Aileen's Rainbow


Steve Williams' little kaleidoscopic beauty sometimes throws up a rebloom scape here in 7b. Will occasionally show a hint of doubling. Hardy and dormant, with attractive dark foliage. Limited.

Alien Starfish image

Alien Starfish


Different looks on different days! Sometimes a chevron-patterned eyezone, and sometimes just a hint.

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